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Many hybrid app (HTML-5) development services built on top of the PhoneGap/Cordova technologies such as: Appcelerator, PhoneGap Build, Sencha, Ionic's Hybrid Mobile Platform, etc. allow you to design and build apps in the cloud but without a mac. But without a mac it's impossible to upload them review. AppStoreUploader.com upload services allow to submit your .ipa files quickly and securely without the need of any additional hardware.

The Upload Process

Step 1) Completely configure your application in your Apple Developer Account at iTunesConnect.com.
Step 2) Completely fill out the below upload request form, and submit a paypal payment. After which you will confirm your payment.
Step 3) After request submission you should receive an email response typically within 5 minutes, however, this can take longer when multiple uploads are queued.
Step 4) If your upload is accepted, log into iTunes Connect and verify the acceptance, select the correct build version and submit your application for review!

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Please note each upload attempt requires a $5 USD payment

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